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Sandwell Valley welcomes Stormzy and Emma

Sandwell Valley Country Park has welcomed the arrival of two calves.

The Traditional Hereford calves were born at Forge Mill Farm on Friday 2 March during the peak of Storm Emma.

Inspired by the snow storm, staff chose the names Stormzy for the male calf and Emma for the female calf.

Farm manager Melissa Underwood-Grattage said “We are delighted with our new arrivals to the farm. Despite the cold, they are both doing very well.

“Maybe we will get a visit from the rapper Stormzy to see his namesake.”

The Hereford calves are among a number of new arrivals to both Sandwell Park Farm and Forge Mill Farm over the last few days. Rare breed Bagot goat twins were born on Saturday 3 March as well as a Jersey cow calf.

Visitors can come to Sandwell Park Farm or Forge Mill Farm to visit the new arrivals as well as lots of other farmyard animals.

Details for visitors are on their website.

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