Regenerating Sandwell

Sandwell is going through an exciting and transformational period in its history.

Across the borough regeneration is taking place - changing the face of the urban environment for residents and businesses making it an exciting place to live, work and explore.

With New Square Shopping centre, Sandwell College, Eastern Gateway Housing and continuous investment into West Bromwich the strategic centre of Sandwell is growing at a fast pace.

Sandwell is continuing to invest in new state-of-the-art leisure facilities providing health and wellbeing opportunities to meet the needs of customers.

Along-side all this Sandwell is providing much needed affordable housing and residential accommodation.

A continued focus on regeneration across Sandwell will positively impact and improve the quality of life of residents with the aim of providing opportunities and prospects for residents and businesses.

Housing Regeneration

Sandwell has approximately 129,000 homes of which 23% are council-owned, 4% owned by housing associations and 73% privately owned. Of the privately owned homes, 18% are privately rented.

Since 2001 Sandwell’s population has changed significantly. The movement of people away from Sandwell has decreased so that Sandwell now has a much larger and younger population.

This change has been brought about by the on-going regeneration of the borough and together with improved schools has made it a more attractive place for people to live.

House prices still remain among the lowest in the region.

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