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Audience… assemble… for a wine tasting musical toast to superheroes

The melodious sounds of clinking wine glasses and superheroes music will be filling the Atrium at Millennium Point in Birmingham at 7.30pm on Saturday 25 September 2021.

The ‘Superheroes Symphonies’ music and wine tasting event brings together live music performed by The People’s Orchestra and Tony Elvin, a qualified Sommelier from The Wine Events Company.

The evening will celebrate cinema’s greatest superheroes in style and feature music from some of the world’s favourite superhero movies including music from Spiderman, Thor, Mission Impossible, The Dark Knight, Captain America, Superman and Wonder Woman.

“Music can influence the taste of wine and the art of pairing wine with music can enhance the drinking experience,” said Tony Elvin, a self-proclaimed wine and Superman geek and a popular and familiar host at wine events around the city.

“This event will be a superhero-charged experience and the music will be expertly paired with a selection of five fine wines. I’m really looking forward to a fun evening of great music and wine, all in perfect harmony.”

Tickets cost £39.95 per person and can be purchased from

Attendees must be over the age of 18.

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