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A Halloween Hunt

RSPB Sandwell Valley

FREE SELF-LED TRAIL FOR FAMILIES Are you ready for a creepy challenge? We have hidden 10 QR codes around the reserve for you to track down. See how many fascinating facts about creepy, slimy and night-time creatures you can discover. We would love to know which one is your favourite, can you get a photo […]


Monstrous Musical Mornings


Join us throughout half term 26th-30th October at 10am on our Facebook page @ Sandwell Museums and Arts as our music man, Awful Andy gets you to sing along to some spooky tunes and play along to some creepy tunes. Bring something to shake or hit with you so you can join in!

Spooky stories


It's spooky season so join us on Facebook at Sandwell Museums and Arts each evening for a video telling a creepy tale from our historic houses. Meet historical characters who will tell you about the terrible things they have seen. The video will also be available on Sandwell Museums and Arts Go Live youtube channel. […]

Witches at the Oak


It's Halloween so travel back with us 400 years to the 1600s when people feared witches and their evil doing. Many people at this time were hanged for witchcraft. Watch our spooky video on our Facebook page at Sandwell Museums and Arts about witches and how people protected themselves from their spell casting You will […]

The Witchfinder


Join us on our facebook page at and discover the Witchfinder and his terrible tale....well maybe not that terrible...well a bit terrible!