Want to organise an outdoor event in Sandwell?

Sandwell has a packed, year-round calendar of events happening across the borough. Our events highlight what a great place Sandwell is and they celebrate its unique parks and busy towns.
Not only do we bring you fantastic events but we also provide support if you would like to hold your own outdoor event. Between us, we can create a busy, vibrant borough full of great experiences!
The most important thing when organising an outdoor event is to plan early. Look through our Guide to Organising Events in Sandwell while you think about what you want to achieve. Then inform the Discover Sandwell team well in advance. 
Once we have received this form and your supporting documents, we will confirm your dates, price and invite you to a Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meeting. Find out more about the SAG.
When the SAG is happy with your documentation, you will receive full confirmation that your event can go ahead and an invoice will be sent to you

Fees 2021-22

All events taking place on council-owned land or highways will be charged the following fee per day.

For Fun Fair only events, the following fees apply per day.

The above fees include administration costs, the cost of representatives from the council attending your event to assess the safety measures in place and to ensure they are as you have specified in your documentation. They have been agreed under Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council’s Fees and Charges. 

Contact details and advice

Corinne, Laura and Lorna are the Discover Sandwell team.
Here you can find template and example documents. Where significant support is required from the Discover Sandwell team, you may be charged. Please ask for a quote.