Events in Sandwell

Sandwell has a packed, year-round calendar of events happening across the borough. Our events bring people together, celebrate the our towns, communities, parks and open spaces, and provide entertainment and enjoyment for all ages. .
Our Events Team at Sandwell are here to: 
  • Produce and deliver a programme of events, including civic events.
  • Review and process event applications.
  • Making sure events on council land are well organised, accessible and inclusive, and safe.
This page gives you information about the work the work of the events team, the type of events and activities that we support applications from, and links to resources, further information, and the events application portal.

SMBC Run Events

SMBC run events are either organised by the Events Team or other Sandwell Council departments, services or partner agencies. These events follow the same process of decision making, safety rules, and protocols as externally organised events. 

Non-Commercial Events

Community run events are organised by community groups, non-commercial charity events, friends groups, and others. These vents follow the same process of decision making as other events, but are charged non-commercial fees for their event application. 

Commercial Events

Commercially run events are organised for a profit. These are normally organised by external event companies, but may include bigger events run by community organisations and charities. These events follow the same decision making process as other events, but are charged commercial fees for their application. 

Our Approach

Events are a vital part of our community engagement, social activity and recreation for our residents, visitor attraction to Sandwell, and making the best us of our parks, open spaces, and buildings. Our approach is to have well run and safe events that are accessible and inclusive. We do this by making sure there is a clear application process for all events – whoever runs them – and that decisions about events are made fairly. 

Our Decision Making

Events that use council land or property must go through the Event Application Process. This includes a decision making process that involves looking at what you want to do, making sure the costs are covered, making sure the event is well run and safe, and assessing any potential impacts to residents, business, and the community. Our Event Governance Framework is available including our decision making process. 

Our Venue Hire

The events application fee includes a per day hire fee for parks and open spaces. We also have a diverse range of buildings – including listed buildings and heritage locations – for hire for private events (weddings, parties), meetings, and indoor events (music, theatre, comedy, exhibitions, conferences). Our Venue Hire options also include using park bandstands and parks/open spaces sports facilities. For a private event, meeting, or sports activity, you may not need an event application: just book a venue. 

Fees and Charges 2022 (exc. funfairs and circuses)

Your event application fee includes:

  • Administration costs of processing the event paperwork
  • Cost of representatives to assess safety measures in place
  • Cost of checks of paperwork and verification of documents
  • Cost of Safety Advisory Group administration
  • Cost of open space land use for one day (subject to premium surcharge for premium locations)

You event application does not include: 

  • Equipment or event infrastructure (hire options available from the Events Team here).
  • Road closure / traffic management costs
  • Parking restrictions or parking provision
  • Event management support or on-site safety management
  • Reparation of damage to soft surfaces or space

Your fair application fee does not include:

  • Electricity, Water, Ground Repairs
  • Advertising and Marketing (inc. flyposting)
  • Premium surcharge for premium land hire

Event Decision Making Process