Lambing 2020 at Forge Mill Farm

It’s fair to say lambing 2020 at Forge Mill Farm, Sandwell Valley, has been an unusual affair. Just as the team were welcoming the first visitors to the lambing barn, attractions and venues across the country started to close down as part of Covid-19 measures.

However the world of farming doesn’t stop and the Valley team of livestock staff quickly worked together to put social distancing measures and safe working practices in place to ensure they could continue to care for all the animals to the highest standard.


This year 90 lambs have been born and 20 goat kids across a long 12 weeks –  what an achievement!

Sandwell Valley is a nationally renowned Rare Breed Survival Trust Centre and the team actively work with farmers across the country to stop many historic breeds of livestock from becoming extinct. Most of the sheep and goats visitors meet at Forge Mill Farm and Sandwell Valley Park Farm are rarer than the giant panda. Below is a Forge Mill Boreray lamb – a breed which only has around 500 breeding females left in the world.

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