You've been listening to music from Sounds of Mela with Sukshinder Shinda and Shin DCS!

Sukshinder Shinda

Sukshinder Shinda is a Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Music Director associated with Punjabi Music Industry. He was born on 29 July 1972 and his birthplace is Dhamai, Hoshiarpur, Punjab but raised in Handsworth, Birmingham, England.

  • During his childhood, he got training in classical Punjabi music by musicians Jaipal Singh Matharu, Ustad Lal Singh Bhatti, and Ustad Ajit Singh Matlashi.
  • His brother Mohan Singh Nimmana had a band in the late 1980s called The Nimanna group.
  • Sukshinder releasing his first professional recording in 1993 called ”Dhol Beat Ek”.
  • He released some religious albums such as ”Satguru Mera” in 2009 and ”Choj Khalseh De” in 2013.
  • Sukshinder Shinda won the PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Non-Resident Punjabi Album for his album Collaborations.
  • Later, he won the BritAsia Music Award for Best Video for the video Ghum Suhm.
  • Shinda has produced or collaborated on more than 200 albums, including all of Jazzy B’s releases and the majority of Amrinder Gill’s.


Sukshinder says “I’ve missed my fans and performing for them during this pandemic. I last played at the Sandwell & Birmingham Mela in 2016 and it’s been one of the biggest outdoor festival’s I have played at in the UK. The vibe and atmosphere on stage is something you can’t compare with anything else. Away from the stage, I’ve been busy making new music and sound at home and have released some new tracks. I hope you like some of my handpicked songs and hope to see you soon – on stage!”

Shin DCS

Born and bred in Birmingham, Shin’s distinct style of vocal delivery and music production has become the trademark sound of DCS, the Bhangra band of which Shin is the front man and co-founder member.

Over the years Shin and DCS have received numerous awards and accolades for their achievements in Bhangra music, they have a fan base which stretches the globe and have toured all major countries around the world and even today enjoy the status of being the number one live band in the UK.

From singing in the bathroom to singing in stadiums, from singing on Bhangra albums to singing in films, from teaching music workshops to being an ambassador for Bhangra music around the globe, Shin loves singing, and regards himself lucky to have been able to make a career from his passion. 

He has recorded songs in Panjabi, Hindi and English and is considered to be the most versatile singer in the UK Asian music scene.

His talents have also been reined in by the world of musical theatre, and Shin has played the lead role of Twinkle Singh in Rifco Arts award winning production ‘Britain’s Got Bhangra’ in 2010 and 2011 and Laila-The Musical 2016. 

Shin considers himself to be an avid student of the arts and is receiving guidance and training in every way from his Guru A.S. Mutlashiji who has set Shin on a path to realising and achieving higher goals in his singing career. Humbled by the fact that there is still so much more to learn and do in music, Shin is firmly of the opinion that more than one lifetime is required to master this art….so look out for Shin in your next life who no doubt will still be trying to achieve his goals.

Shin DCS says “For an artist who has been performing all around the world for the last 35 years, this pandemic and the restrictions that it has imposed on the arts, have been quite difficult to deal with. From losing the freedom to perform in public and having one’s livelihood taken away for nearly a year now is very frustrating. 

Every year the Melas are a focal point of the communities that they are based in and I have performed at melas around the globe and seen the happiness and sense of community that they spread. 

I am a Smethwick lad and have spent most of my informative years here, so for me to perform at the Sandwell & Birmingham Mela is so much fun and something I look forward to because it’s like coming home to perform for my family and friends. There is always a great atmosphere at the mela and the local community always come out and support in force.”