The Big Sandwell Scarecrow Festival 2021

Coming this October Half Term (23rd to 31st October) … The Big Sandwell Scarecrow Festival is returning for its second year!

Spend the first weekend building and the rest of the week hunting!

Track them down using our link to Google Maps. Share your pictures with us on social media and download a special certificate when you reach a milestone!

Build a scarecrow ... find out how ...

Submit a scarecrow ...

Find a scarecrow ...

Find a scarecrow ...

NB. Scarecrows are not guaranteed to be in the exact location as they seem on the map! Make sure you look high and low in the area!! Some scarecrows will only be available during business opening hours.

Vote for your favourite ...

Prizes are for the best scarecrow by a School, Organisation and Individual and include gifts from Sandwell Valley Country Park, books and a voucher for afternoon tea at Jonathan’s in the Park at Lightwoods House and Park.

  • All entries for the competition must be submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 26th October. 
  • Competition opens on Wednesday 27th October and closes on Sunday 31st October.
  • Entrants are reminded that it is their responsibility to comply with any and all safety matters and regulations. Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC) accepts no liability.
  • All entries must be visible from the Highway. Visitors must not need to enter any private property.
  • The security of displays remains the responsibility of the entrants. SMBC accepts no liability.
  • SMBC accepts no liability or responsibility for any damage, injury or theft which may occur as a result of entry to this Scarecrow Festival.
  • SMBC accepts no liability or responsibility for any actions, incidents or injuries that occur at or near the property relating to entry in this Scarecrow Festival.
  • By entering the Scarecrow Festival, entrants are giving SMBC express permission to publicise their location in association with the event in any reasonable manner it sees fit.
  • We ask that all scarecrows are on display from the morning on Tuesday 27th October to the evening of Sunday 31st October. If your scarecrow is not on display for any part of this time, please let us know at
  • Prizes will be allocated based on the Facebook voting system with categories as follows: school, individual or organisation (including businesses, community groups, charitable organisations, cultural venues, uniformed organisations, religious organisations etc.) Prize winners will be contacted by email by Friday 5th November.

Where can I find the scarecrows?
There are scarecrows all over Sandwell! Check out our map here which tells you the area where the scarecrows are so you can hunt them down. Please note, the map does not represent the exact location so you may need to look around a little.

Will I need to enter any private property?
No! All scarecrows will be viewable from public spaces. Please do not enter any private property.

How do I enter a scarecrow?
Tell us the name of your scarecrow and where it is located using the form above.

How will people know my scarecrow is part of The Big Sandwell Scarecrow Festival?
Print this poster and display it with your scarecrow to encourage people to visit other scarecrows and vote for their favourite.

Can I view the scarecrows without building my own?
Of course! Check out the map and see how many you can spot.

Can I get any money to build a scarecrow?
Unfortunately there is no funding available from Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council for the provision of scarecrows in this festival. If you’re struggling, maybe you could try contacting a local business or community group.

How do I vote for my favourite scarecrow?
Head to our Facebook event to vote for your favourite scarecrows.

Is there a prize for the best scarecrow?
Yes! There will be prizes for the best scarecrow in the following categories … School, Individual, Organisation. 

Is there a fee to enter a scarecrow or visit the scarecrows?
There is no fee to enter a scarecrow or to go visiting them!

What should I do with my scarecrow at the end of the festival?
Please try to reuse or recycle your materials at the end of the festival. This might be in your garden to build something else!

How do you build a scarecrow?
If you’ve never built a scarecrow before, watch this video to learn the basics!

Where can I get materials from to build a scarecrow?
You can build a scarecrow out of all sorts of materials including old clothes, pillowcase, straw, hay, leaves etc. You do not need to use professional tools and you should be able to find materials around your house or local park.

How many scarecrows are there?
This will be confirmed at the start of the Scarecrow Festival once all scarecrows have been submitted.