The Walled Kitchen Garden

Sandwell Park Farm has its own fully restored walled kitchen garden. Wherever possible, the varieties of vegetables and fruit grown are those available before 1900. Although the gardens are not strictly organic, we use almost no chemicals or artificial fertilisers.

As well as this wide range of everyday vegetables and fruit, more exotic plants are grown in our glasshouses, including citrus fruit, bananas, melons and vines.

Whatever your interests and expertise, our gardeners are often on hand to answer questions and give advise on all aspects of growing plants. If you want to try out our fresh vegetables or buy plants for your garden our Plant & Vegetable sales area offers a wide variety of produce at reasonable prices.


Today’s walled kitchen gardens are only about a quarter of the size of the original gardens that were found here during the nineteenth century. A mineral tramway and then later the M5 Motorway reduced the gardens to their present day size. They were restored to their current condition in the early 1980s.

Walled kitchen gardens are an important part of our history, yet are now largely neglected and little understood. In the last century, most large country houses had a walled kitchen garden. They were highly productive places, providing food, herbs and flowers for the family, staff and guests of the big house.

They were like an early version of our present day supermarkets. Nowadays, our food supply is global, with food being flown in from all over the world and this is now widely regarded as unsustainable. Walled kitchen gardens succeeded in growing this food at home, all-year-round, by developing a wide and varied range of techniques and technology, many of which growers still rely upon today. Walled kitchen gardens were intensive food factories that spearheaded our industrial food system.

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