Black Country Geopark

In the summer of 2020, UNESCO confirmed that the Black Country has been welcomed into the network of Global Geoparks as a place with internationally important geology, because of its cultural heritage and the active partnerships committed to conserving, managing and promoting it. 

This means the Black Country is now on a par with UNESCO Global Geoparks in countries stretching from Brazil to Canada and Iceland to Tanzania.

Geopark status recognises the many world-class natural and important cultural features in the Black Country and how they come to tell the story of the landscape and the people that live within it. 

In the case of the Black Country, the significant part it played in the industrial revolution has been at the heart of the bid. More than forty varied geosites have been selected so far within the geopark that tell its story as a special landscape but more will be added as the Geopark develops.

Our Geopark Spaces in Sandwell

Warren's Hall Nature Reserve

At Warren’s Hall nature reserve meandering walks around pools, woodland and canals are complemented by a nod to our industrial heritage with the Netherton Canal Tunnel and the historic remains of Cobb’s engine house and chimney. The reserve also links to Bumble Hole reserve in Dudley.

Rowley Hills and Blue Rock Quarry

The Rowley Hills are the highest landform in the Black Country with views across the region and beyond. The face of Blue Rock Quarry on the Rowley Hills boasts rocks formed over 300 million years ago. Today they appear as unusual globes that weather and peel like onion skins.

Wednesbury Museum & Art Gallery and Geotrail

The Wednesbury geotrail focusses on the imported architectural stone that adorns the exterior of buildings in the town, most notably that of Wednesbury Museum and Art Gallery. The Gallery also boasts a large fossil and geological collection available to view by appointment.

Sandwell Valley Country Park

The 270 acre Sandwell Valley Country Park is rich in mining history, a critical green lung to the West Midlands urban conurbation and a wildlife reserve of significant importance.

Galton Valley

The Galton Valley with its iconic bridge and pumping station is one of the best sites in the country to appreciate the scale of man's manipulation of the landscape during the Industrial Revolution.

The Black Country Geopark

An amazing place at the geological and industrial heart of England. The Black Country is a special landscape in the centre of England, where the minerals on our doorstep and the geology beneath our feet helped shape the industrial revolution and the world. Take a look at all the sites included in the Geopark. (Image courtesy of Phil Riley)